Explosives set off to simulate rocket strikes

A C-130 Hercules readies for takeoff

A CH-53 hoists a 155mm Howitzer while two CH-46s approach

A CH-46 prepares to land troops as an AH-1W Cobra provides cover

AH-1W Cobra helicopters

A F4G-1D Corsair flies past

A F-16C parked on display

Various images of a F-16D performing

The Heritage Flight with a F-16D and two P-51s

A Mustang and a Corsair fly past

The Oracle stunt plane cuts a ribbon while flying sidways

The civilian jet stunt team, the Patriots

The Red Bull MiG-17

A CH-53 Flies past

The Shockwave jet truck

A SNJ advanced trainer from WWII lands

A Super Cub landing on a moving van

A UH-1 lands to drop off troops